Older Uglier Woman by Brian Kenney Fresno


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Brian Kenney Fresno
singer of modern tales, urban legends,and epics of the absurd!

 All while playing one of these!!!

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"In a world of bedroom record producers, where any untalented, unmusical individual can produce a great sounding, slickly packaged CD, recorded music loses it's significance.  
The history of recorded music is but a sliver of the amount of time humans have been making incredible music, and to succumb to trendy commercial pressures is to lose sight of the big picture of music as a participatory activity.  People used to all sing and play instruments, now music is something you turn on, and DJ'S are artists." 
Brian Kenney Fresno


Armed with raisins, sing-along lyric sheets, and his giant super guitar, Kenney Fresno seeks to create a performance so dense, with a gravitational pull so great, that even light cannot escape.
This black hole of entertainment is so heavy that it ultimately collapses on itself upon spewing the audience with all that is Fresno.

Brian Kenney Fresno is the ultimate solo rock act and sings modern tales, urban legends, and epics of the absurd in a sing along format, mostly about FRESNO, and whenever he says Fresno, we all say "WHOOOO(!)","FRESNO(!)", etc. and eat the raisins from the Holy Chalice of Fresno in a group experience.

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"Brian Kenney Fresno makes music that is complex and brilliant, ... but it's all fun!" 
- Dr. Demento

No Flies in China by Brian Kenney Fresno



Brian Kenney Fresno enjoys a
beer outside the Circle Bar in
New Orleans. Good Times.


you got a name?







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Brian Kenney Fresno relies on the strength and magic 
of the live performance as a unique experience.

Born in Oakland, Ca., raised in the cultural vacuum of the central San Joaquin Valley, Brian has extracted the Essence of Fresno (tm), and made it smell good (hence the surname). Having already learned to play the guitar and violin by ear, in 1983 Brian found his musical destiny in the Chapman Stick, a new instrument only 8 years old.

Moved by the power and the potential of the instrument, he began an ongoing formal study of music theory and composition.

Finding that boring, he threw that all away and borrowed techniques from sports, comedians, magicians and other performers that allowed him to 
develop his own uncommon vision of entertainment.

photo by David Grossman




fresno frenzy
"With humor, innovation, and a Warr Guitar (an ungodly union of a five string bass and a seven string guitar in one big whomping blunt object) - Kenney Fresno splashes merrily in an intricate puddle of sound."
- Sam Hurwitt-East Bay Express Magazine
Do NOT throw the raisins! There are children starving in Fresno!
Playing the Warr Guitar is like playing two instruments at once because it is a stereo, 12 string instrument that allows each hand to play independently; simultaneously producing bass, melody, and chords. 

This innovation is carried to further extremes with the integration of modern electronics, each group of strings processed separately to create specific sound scenes.

Brian Kenney Fresno maintains an elusive attitude toward recording; only a handful of songs from his vast repertoire have been captured on tape. Fresno relies on the strength and magic of the live performance as a unique experience.

This attitude is reflected in Fresno's liberal taping policy that not only encourages cult members to record, but actually leaves the documenting of that moment in history to them alone.


That's who!

BKF performs at Tape-OpCon2003
at the Portland Art Museum

spin and twist! Photo by David Grossman

"Spin and twist" AND "take your eyes out and look it backward" 
from the hit song: Fight the Wind at The Fillmore and Starry Plough respectively.

Brian currently plays the Warr Guitar, a custom version of this new style of tapped instruments. 

Sometimes Brian plays with his brother, drummer Ryan Kenney Poughkeepsie via live internet uplink.



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